Are you normal?

I am asking you again, Are you normal? -No. Boris answered shortly, and kept packing his old black tennis bag on which, big red brand letters “Head”, collided with dusty clay through which it was dragged daily. Even though the bag was quite old, it was still very useful and functional, especially because it was spacious and could fit whole lot of tennis equipment plus three racquets and tennis shoes in separate pocket.


Human motivation and effort meets gambling, courage and passion for the yellow ball

I mean, did they let you sign in?

-Give him a break…said long hair good fellow Bjorn…qualifications are open for everybody, and maybe you two will be opponents and Boris will “break you in pieces”…he smiled in face of his Scandinavian fellow with whom he shared life for quite long period of time. -I would like to see that – Swen wouldn’t give up. You want to play one set? -For how much money? Boris’s tennis blood boiled instantly. Challenge of the game had always triggered the other side of his apparently quiet personality. Since he was a child, and learned basic strokes, he always wanted to play for something many times quoting words of Imbo Onnors :”I can play for $5, $50, $500 or any other amount, but I can’t play for free.”

4 languages and readers in more than 30 countries


Dražen Prćić is former tennis player who play in 100 finals (won 65%) during his active carrier and since 1994. He is licenced tennis instructor (USPTR). Also for the last 30 years he works as tennis journalist.


Moja klinka i ja, youth novel (1992)
Završni udarac, thriller (1997)
Film, novel (1998)
Tajna provincije, thriller (1999)
Uzmi sve, action novel (2001)
Kolos, novel (2002)
Wild card, sports novel (Croatian, English, Italian, Hungarian and Serbian)
D , reality novel (2007)
Lijepe stvari, novel (2009)
Come & back  sports novel (2010)
Priča o fotografiji publicistic stories (2011)
Dogovoreni brak novel (2013)
Plemstvo Wilson novel (2014)
Horvacki Bačka 1901-1939 history novel (2015)

Tennis novel Wild Card have 10 edition in 5 languages and readers in more than 80 countries

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